Student Life

Beyond the classroom, our students have the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of school-sponsored activities.

Extracurricular Programs

Our academic program is further enriched by extracurricular programs and experiences.

Free tutoring is available for students after school. Times vary according to tutor, grade level, and subject. Tutoring is available January-March, and is determined on a first come-first serve basis.

Clubs change annually based on student and teacher interest. We encourage students to bring their ideas. Our current clubs include Dance, Performing Arts, Media Arts, Vocals, Music, Drama, Percussion, and STEM.

We offer many sports opportunities including Basketball, Cheerleading, Soccer, Volleyball, Track, and Flag Football. Eligibility differs based on sport. These sports take place after school and on the weekends. Small fees may apply. For additional information, please contact the main office.

Field trips offer a chance for students to learn outside the classroom. Field trips are provided over the course of the school year, and depending on grade level typically include excursions around the Columbus area. Middle school students are offered an opportunity to attend an extended field trip to Washington D.C. as well as other locations. Information regarding field trips, times, and locations will be provided to the parents by classroom teachers and administration.

The OASIS Program will provide an array of activities and academic focuses. Our program is licensed by the Ohio Department of Education.

Hours of operation:
Monday-Friday – 6 AM-6 PM

Breakfast, Lunch, Snack provided (based upon hours of service and eligibility)
Full-time care provided during school breaks.
Care is also offered for early school releases.
Title (20) XX Services Provided

Families enrolling under the Title XX Program must present a current 310 form (issued by their county caseworker) with the providers name listed as Columbus Arts & Technology Academy (the county has 30 days to authorize eligibility so early planning is critical).

Tuition Rates
Morning childcare only
6 AM-8 AM:

Afternoon tutoring/childcare only
3:30-6 PM
$ 40.00/week

6 AM-8 AM & 3:30-6 PM:
$ 60.00/week

Full-time Care (breaks)
$ 105.00/week
Daily Fee: $ 21.00/day

Extended Care Fee (early releases days)

Summer Program

Thank you for considering the OASIS Program as your child care provider. For enrollment in the OASIS Program, you will need to complete an OASIS enrollment application.

If you have any questions, or need any assistance in completing the application packet, please contact Ms. McMillan at 577-0900 Ext. 131. between the hours of 6:00-9:00 A.M. and 12:00 – 5:00 P.M. or e-mail me using the address below.

Phone: (614) 577-0900 EXT. 131

Part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act currently known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB), Title I is a federal entitlement program that provides the district and schools serving low income families with funds to improve student achievement. District and school allocations are based on the number and percentage of students who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches. Moreover, the purpose of Title I is to provide additional academic assistance beyond the general classroom to at-risk students.

Our school provides Title I services to earners in grades K-8. Specifically, the school conducts a series of assessments to help identify students that show an increased need for Title I services and intervention. However, Columbus Arts & Technology Academy will continually track data and monitor academic achievement throughout the school year to ensure that students in need of additional support receive that assistance.

Columbus Arts & Technology Academy (CATA) is pleased to offer your child(ren) the opportunity to participate in a variety of planned enrichment opportunities, academic, social, and physical activities. The 21st Century program will begin September 12, 2016. Our program hours will be 3:30pm-6:00pm Monday through Friday. Saturdays will be reserved for academic incentive field trips and activities. The program offers the following:

Homework Stretch
Tutors and Program staff assist students in completing their homework and help students prepare for the next day of school. Students are provided access to computers, printers, art supplies, and the school library as means to aide in completion of homework and/or projects.

Students receive a healthy, nutritious snack/meal to fuel up for the afternoon activities. All snack/meals are sponsored by the Children’s Hunger Alliance. In order to receive free meals, meal forms must be completed in the enrollment packet.

Enrichment Time
Participants will be offered on and off site enrichment activities planned by the Program Director, teachers, or a community partner that builds on state standards and enlightens students about the world around them. (i.e. YMCA based exercise program, volunteering in the community, tutoring, character-building activities, dining and social etiquette, financial literacy, life skills, art, dance, prevention programs, social and sport activities, etc.). In addition, this year we are pleased to offer Lego Computer Programming and Google’s CS-First programming initiative that promotes students to learn basic computer coding.

Field Trips
Participants will be able to earn field trip participation for program attendance and academic achievements. (i.e. Amusement Parks, volunteer at local food pantry, local museum visits, amusement parks, tours of local businesses and government organizations, etc.)

How do I enroll my child?
You can fill out this form and return to Mr. Heath, the Program Director, or to the front office, or call (614) 577-0900 ext 112. Once this flyer is returned to school, the enrollment packet can be sent home with your child or a packet can be picked up at the front office. The packet includes Enrollment Information and a Program Handbook. Parent(s) and student(s) must read and return a signed form stating that they have read and will abide by the rules set forth in the Program Handbook. The Program Handbook covers such items as program procedures, medication, behavior, emergency contact information, etc.

Per Week: $30*
Per Month: $100**
*For the entire month and by the 1st of the month
**If payment is made in advance

Extended Day Care

Columbus Arts & Technology Academy offers before and after school care for students. Before school times are 6:00 am-7:00 am. After school times are 3:30 pm-6:00 pm. To join, parents must fill out forms available in the main office. Fees may apply.


A safe and secure school is our first priority. We incorporate physical security measures and crisis planning to keep our school safe. Our school safety plan includes cameras, secured school entrances, and on-going training for all teachers and support staff.

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