Pacilio Economics

Important Dates:

1. TEST Friday 5/3

Week 35: 4/29-5/3

Monday: Questions

Tuesday: None

Wednesday: None

Thursday: None

Friday: TEST

Week 35: 4/22-26

Monday: Questions

Tuesday: Debate

Wednesday: Questions

Thursday: Progress

Friday: Solutions

Week 34: 4/15-19

Monday: Power to Choose!

Tuesday: Review

Wednesday: TEST

Thursday: Questions


Week 33: 4/8-12

Monday: Vocab

Tuesday: Do Now

Wednesday: Do Now

Thursday: Do Now

Friday: Blog Draft

Week 32: 4/1-5

Monday: Graphic Organizer

Tuesday: Tools of Fed

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: TEST

Friday: Vocab

Week 31: 3/18-22

Monday: Rank

Tuesday: Tax Cut “essay”

Wednesday: Progress Check

Thursday: Progress Check

Friday: Complete Activity

Week 30: 3/11-15

Monday: Movie response

Tuesday: Movie response

Wednesday: Movie response

Thursday: Vocab

Friday: ‘Essay’

Week 29: 3/4-8

Monday: Work on project

Tuesday: Work on Project

Wednesday: Present

Thursday: Present*/movie

Friday: Movie

Week 22: 1/14-1/18

Monday: Work On trifold

Tuesday: Do Now

Wednesday: Do Now

Thursday:Work on Trifold

Friday: Study

Week 21: 1/7-1/11


Tuesday: Do Now #1

Wednesday: First Clients

Thursday: Do Now #2

Friday: Work on Trifold

Week 20: 12/17-21

Monday: Specials Exams

Tuesday: ELA/SS Exams

Wednesday: Special Exams (?)

Thursday: Math/Science Exams

Friday: Make up Exams

Week 19: 12/10-14

Monday: Review

Tuesday: Review

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: Review

Friday: Review

Week 18: 12/3-7

Monday: TCI Activity

Tuesday: Study

Wednesday: TEST

Thursday: Review

Friday: Review

Week 17: 11/26-30

Monday: Do Now #5

Tuesday: Resume draft

Wednesday: Final Resume

Thursday: None

Friday: TCI Activity Sheet

Week 16: 11/19-23

Monday: STUDY

Tuesday: TEST

Wednesday: No School


Friday: No School

Week 15: 11/12-11/16

Monday – Exit Slip

Tuesday – Exit Slip

Wednesday – Political Cartoon

Thursday – Placards

Friday – Make your own PC

Week 14: 11/5-11/9

Monday – None

Tuesday – NAFTA WS

Wednesday – STUDY

Thursday – TEST

Friday – Paper due

Week 13: 10/29-11/2

Monday – Finish Handout

Tuesday – Define Terms

Wednesday – None

Thursday – MLA Citing Practice

Friday – None

Week 12: 10/22-10/26

Monday – Movie Questions

Tuesday – 5 terms and current events

Wednesday – STUDY

Thursday – Test Day

Friday – HW Response

Week 11: 10/15-10/19

Monday – Work on paper

Tuesday – Work on paper

Wednesday – Summary questions

Thursday – No school; Parent-teacher conferences

Friday – No school

Week 10: 10/8-10/12

Monday – GDP Problems

Tuesday – Find a cite real life examples of the 4 types of unemployment.

Wednesday – Review

Thursday – TEST DAY

Friday – Put events in order and explain why.

Week 9: 10/1-10/5

Monday – Make flashcards for review terms

Tuesday – Submit your project to me by the end of class

Wednesday – Work on your project

Thursday – Project Presentation due tomorrow

Friday – None

Week 8: 9/24-9/28

Monday – Complete class worksheet

Tuesday – Complete guided questions

Wednesday – STUDY

Thursday – None.

Friday – NO SCHOOL

Week 7: 9/17-9/21

Monday –  Finish demand elasticity handout

Tuesday – Finish supply elasticity handout

Wednesday – Define forms of elasticity in your own words

Thursday – Design your own quiz

Friday – Explain what happens when supply and demand meet

Week 6: 9/10-9/14

Monday –  Finish demand graph shift worksheet

Tuesday – Finish supply graph shift worksheet

Wednesday – Complete Supply and Demand practice Sheet

Thursday – STUDY

Friday – None