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Our team of educators and staff are dedicated to helping your child succeed both academically and personally. No matter what barriers stand between your child and your child’s education, we are here to help your child do their best.

Quarterly Update

We have many fun things planned the first quarter of the year! Family month is September! We will have an opportunity for Mom's, Dad's, and Grandparents to have breakfast with their student! See the Thursday newsletter each week to stay up to date.

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Dr. Derrick Shelton

Superintendent, Regional Vice-President

Dr. Derrick Shelton is a native of Cincinnati, OH, however, he has resided in Columbus, OH for the past 7 years. Dr. Shelton has dedicated his life to public service in that he has served over 7 ½ years on active duty in the U.S. Army. He served as a police officer in both Florida and Ohio for more than 8 ½ years. For more than 20 years he has been devoted to working with children, as he has held several positions in the field of education.
Over this 20 year time span, Dr. Shelton has served as a Special Education teacher for primary elementary children. He has held the position of Principal, School Leader, and Director of Schools. Dr. Shelton has also served as a Regional Operations Director, which afforded him an opportunity to extend his reach to Arizona, Louisiana, North Carolina, and New York. As the Executive Vice President of Operations, Dr. Shelton managed 14 schools throughout the state of Florida. For the past seven (7) years, Dr. Shelton has served as the Superintendent at Columbus Arts & Technology Academy, and as a Regional Vice President that supports other schools throughout Ohio.
Dr. Shelton has a passion for working with our youth. He is committed to being a positive change agent and committed to changing the landscape of education. He believes that all children deserve a high quality education, and that it is incumbent upon educators to motivate children to meet success. Dr. Shelton has a proven track record of developing and mentoring education leaders, as well as a long history of advancing schools academically.
Dr. Shelton received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Indianapolis where he also had a remarkable football career. He extended his studies by taking a few courses at Harvard University in Boston, MA, then he went on to receive his MBA from the University of Phoenix. Dr. Shelton recently reached another milestone in his life by completing his Doctorate of Educational Leadership, which was also earned at the University of Phoenix. He also delivered his trial sermon as a minister recently. Dr. Shelton and his wife are proud parents of 8 children. They also have 12 grandchildren and 1 boxer (dog) named Tyson.

Mrs. Alyssa Barrett

Featured Teacher

Mrs. Barrett joined CATA in 2013. She currently teaches middle school social studies and is the testing coordinator for the school. Mrs. Barrett is passionate about social studies and the individual development of each child. Mrs. Barrett plans an annual field trip which coincides with the Social Studies curriculum in middle school. Previous trips included Washington D.C. and Boston. Mrs. Barrett holds a Bachelor’s degree and teaching credential from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

  • Ms. Andrick

    TeacherGrade Kindergarten
  • Ms. Chery

    TeacherGrade Kindergarten
  • Ms. Adams

    TeacherGrade 1st
  • Ms. Birkhofer

    TeacherGrade 1st
  • Mr. Knox

    TeacherGrade 1st
  • Ms. Ansel

    TeacherGrade 2nd
  • Ms. Russell

    TeacherGrade 2nd
  • Ms. Ford

    TeacherGrade 3rd/4th
  • Ms. Hampshire

    TeacherGrade 3rd/4th
  • Ms. Rahrig

    TeacherGrade 3rd/4th
  • Ms. Smith

    TeacherGrade 3rd/4th
  • Mr. Lindsey

    TeacherGrade 5th/6th
  • Ms. Skeldon

    TeacherGrade 5th/6th
  • Ms. Woods

    TeacherGrade 5th/6th
  • Ms. Barrett

    TeacherGrade 6th/8th
  • Ms. Chaffin

    TeacherGrade 6th/8th
  • Ms. Titus

    TeacherGrade 7th/8th
  • Ms. Williams

    TeacherGrade 7th/8th
  • Mr. Burgett

    Reading/ELA TeacherGrade 9-12th
  • Ms. Merritt

    High School Department Head/MathGrade 9-12th
  • Mr. Pacilio

    Social Studies TeacherGrade 9-12th
  • Mr. Pierce

    Science TeacherGrade 9-12th
  • Ms. Collins

    Special Education TeacherGrade High School
  • Ms. Withrow

    Special Education TeacherGrade Middle School
  • Ms. Brook

    Reading/Writing Title One Teacher
  • Mr. Heath

    Title One Teacher
  • Ms. Slaughter

    Math Title One Teacher
  • Ms. Gallo

    TeacherGrade Art
  • Ms. Hill

    TeacherGrade Spanish
  • Mr. Woods

    TeacherGrade Percussion
  • Mr. Simmons

    TeacherGrade Physical Education
  • Mr. Heath

    TeacherGrade African American Studies/ Graphic Design
  • Ms. Blackwell

    TeacherGrade Life Skills
  • Ms. Street

    TeacherGrade College Readiness
  • Ms. Cory

    TeacherGrade Dance
  • Mr. Aden

    TeacherGrade Music
  • Ms. Chambers

    TeacherGrade Keyboarding/Writing