Ms. Woods( Social Studies/ ELA 6th Grade)

Ms. Woods


ELA Monday Complete point of view questions 1-4 due by Tuesday.

Social Studies: Complete the vocabulary words Euphrates River, levee, Sumer, and Tigris River * Five times each, write the definition once and putting the vocab word in a sentence format.  ( due by Wednesday)

ELA Tuesday: Complete point of view question 5-9 due by Wednesday

Writing: writing spelling words 10 times each.

  • comedy
  • clumsy
  • audience
  • hundred
  • awkward
  • husband
  • broad
  • reluctant
  • sought
  • stumble
  • modern
  • public
  • auditorium
  • understand
  • awning

Social Studies:

ELA Wednesday: Complete question 10-14 point of view work packet

Writing: Complete the Spelling review packet lesson 2.

Social Studies: no homework

ELA Thursday: Complete question 14-19 point of view work packet. Studying class notes for ELA scrimmage test covering points of view on this Friday.

Social Studies: no homework.

ELA Friday: No homework

Social Studies: No homework


All notebooks are due by this October 9th for grade check. ELA test will be given on Friday, Oct 5th covering: Authors point of views.

ELA, Social Studies and Writing progress reports will be getting sent home for parent signatures on October 7th, 2019

 Quarter 1 ends October 11th, 2019  

 Report cards go home Oct 18th, 2019 

No School on October 25th. Parent-Teacher Conference Day from 8:00 am – 6: 30 pm. Please schedule your appointment at the main office. Our contact number is 614-577-0900.

Dear Parents

The teachers’ of the 6th grade have decided to collaborate with the administration staff to enforce after-school detention as a new disciplinary action for some of the 6th-grade students. We as the 6th -grade team has realized the classroom management has become a problem. Students are not coming to class prepared to learn, or are being disruptive during class learning. We will have after- school detention every Thursday from 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. to reteach what students have missed due to behavior issues during class. If a student fails to show up for after school detention, the ending results will be a 3-day suspension with a mandatory parent meeting to return to school.

Please have your child’s transportation in place on how they will be getting home after school detention at 4:30 pm. We will be giving parents 48 hours’ notice if your child was assigned to after school detention.

As a team we want your student to get the best education available to them. To provide this education your students need to be respectful and ready to learn in all classes during the day.

Thank you,

6th-grade team

Columbus Arts & Technology Academy