Ms. Woods

Ms. Woods


Monday 09/24/18:

5th grade Social Studies students must finish their open book quiz. This is due Tuesday morning 09/25/18.

6th grade Social Studies students must read and answer all of the question from Chapter 2 Ancient Eastern Civilization work packet. This due 09/26/18


5th grade Social Studies students complete reading and question the Map assignment. This is due by 09/26/18. Study for Social Studies trail test #3.

6th grade Social Studies students needs to study for Social Studies trail test #3.

Wednesday 09/26/18

5th and 6th grade Social Studies study for the Social Studies test.

Thursday and Friday 09/27/18 NO homework and no school.

Ms. Woods will be sending an updated progress report for the Social Studies and Keyboarding class. If  the student has the parent it and bring it back to school the following day the student get extra credit if it needed.

If you have any question please contact

Ms. Woods 614-915-9587