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Ms. Woods( Social Studies/ ELA 6th Grade)

05/11-15/2020: Here is this week’s lesson plan. Please read the lesson plan documents to see what is needed to be done. I need you to complete all Khan Academy assignments by May 15th this Friday.  This Tuesday and Thursday will be a zoom meeting at 4: 00 pm. We will be focusing on math assignments. I want to make sure you guys really understand how to solve these problems. On Thursday I will be discussing the  Ancient Rome assignment.  For Common lit, there are two new assignments assigned to you. For science, there are no assignments giving this week. For Social Studies you will be continuing last week’s assignments.  I’m going to attach all of the documents on this post.  PLEASE READ EVERYTHING COMPLETELY AND UNDERSTAND YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE DOING. Ms.Woods 🙂

Grade 6 – Woods – Week 3- May 11 Lesson

Solving Equations Using The Addition Property Ms. Woods



05/04-08/2020: Here are this week’s lesson plans 05/04-05/08. Please read the attachments provided below this post. Zoom meeting will be this Tuesday at 4:00 pm discussing Common Lit Assignment 1. Please make sure this is complete before our Zoom meeting. -Ms.Woods

Grade 6 – Woods – Week 2- May 4 Lesson



Anicent Rome lesson 32


Science recap 05-04



Here is this week’s assignment. Please click on the link and read my  current newsletter Grade 6 – Woods – Week 1- April 27 Lesson


6th-grade team Newsletter 04/06/2020

Good Morning CATA Family,

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this pandemic time in our nation. We would like to first start by stating that We truly miss my wonderful students and cannot wait to see them again!

6th grade currently has so much work that’s still needed to be covered for the remainder of the school year. For the next 30 days, the 6th-grade team has created many lessons, quizzes and unit tests for ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science for online distance online learning. These websites we’ve selected can be pulled up off of any Apple product or Android products, cell phone devices, computers, laptops, and tablets.

6th-grade team has created a new distance learning class registration for our students and parents to be able to log on to these websites without using their CATA email addresses. Below we’ve attached each website and class codes for the students and parents to log on to the assignments.

If you have any questions for me. Please send an email at, or remind101 text message and I’ll reply.

Please also be advised that I can schedule facetime meetings or zoom face to face meetings if you have any questions. 6th- grade team did create a new google classroom for distance learning online classes for online chats and questionnaires as well.

Assignments and login information:

  1.  Please log in using your own google email address to sign up for open group discussion or private chats about these assignments if there are any problems or questions. The class code is: 6pcgxop
  2.  – Please go to click on the sign-up. You will click on I am a student and click on join class. Here is the class code: J659W5
  3. www.khanacademy.  Please go to  click on the sign-up button. The class code: DBPFKVC6 or you can click on this click:
  4.  Please go to  click on the sign-in button. Please make sure the student is logging under as a student and not a teacher. The school code is OH654. I’ve change students’ login and password information to their moby max accounts. Please enter the first name and last name initial. Here is an example: LataushaW the password will be the same.
  5.  Please go to and click on the sign-up button. next click on I am a student and enter the class code: even mouse 88 or you can click on this link to enter the classroom;
  6. To sign up for daily contact Ms. Woods on an app called Remind and website; The class code to reach Ms. Woods: @3d4d3d

Please remain safe in your homes and I’ll be in touch with each of you at least once a week.

Thank you,

Ms. Woods 6th Grade ELA, Social Studies and Writing Teacher


Dear Parents

The teachers of the 6th grade have decided to collaborate with the administration staff to enforce after-school detention as a new disciplinary action for some of the 6th-grade students. We as the 6th -grade team has realized the classroom management has become a problem. Students are not coming to class prepared to learn, or are being disruptive during class learning. We will have after- school detention every Thursday from 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. to reteach what students have missed due to behavior issues during class. If a student fails to show up for after school detention, the ending results will be a 3-day suspension with a mandatory parent meeting to return to school.

Please have your child’s transportation in place on how they will be getting home after school detention at 4:30 pm. We will be giving parents 48 hours’ notice if your child was assigned to after school detention.

As a team we want your students to get the best education available to them. To provide this education your students need to be respectful and ready to learn in all classes during the day.

Thank you,

6th-grade team

Columbus Arts & Technology Academy