Ms. Russell

Ms. Russell

Classroom News: Students are to complete their reading logs daily. They’re due at the end of each month and count as a quiz grade. 

  • Happy Birthday Jahliea Alexander 11/13

Homework November 12, 2018- November 16, 2018

Spelling Words: scratch, throne, shred, split, far, scrape, stripe, shrub, catch, flower, spring, strange, sting, and until.

Monday: Math: Practice and Homework 5.3

                  ELA: Spelling Worksheet

Tuesday: Math: Practice and Homework 5.4

                   ELA: Spelling Worksheet

Wednesday: Math: Practice and Homework 5.5

                   ELA: Comprehension Worksheet

                   SS: Rural and Suburban Communities

            Science: None

Thursday: Math: Practice and Homework 5.6

                   ELA:  Stair Step Spelling

                    SS: None

           Science: Plants

Friday: No Homework