Ms. Chaffin

Ms. Chaffin

Homework: Week of 9/24/2018

7th grade Vocabulary

Mon- Study Words L7 ( Note cards Due today)

Tues- Study Words L7 and Practice pages due Wed. , students will begin in class.

Wed.- Study Words Quiz over L7 tomorrow.

Thursday- Worksheet page

Friday- L8 note cards due Monday.  Students will begin in class.


8th grade Writing

Mon- Fri   None planned, some students may have classwork to complete.                                 Students will be allowed to complete some assignments for                                           homework if not completed in class.  Will vary.


7th grade ELA

Mon- Summarizing test tomorrow! Study notes and quiz

Tues- None. Test Day

Wed- None.  Notes day

Thurs- None.

Fri-No School.


8th grade ELA

Mon- Summarizing test tomorrow!  Study notes and quiz.

Tues- None. Test Day.

Wed- None.  Notes day.

Thurs- None.

Fri-No School.