Ms. Birkhofer

Ms. Birkhofer

September 24-27, 2018





It’s a very busy week!

Monday:  Science test #2 retake

Tuesday:  ELA test #3

Wednesday:  Social Studies test #3

Thursday:  Circle S Farm field trip

Monday, 10/1:  This week’s spelling test (instead of 9/28)

 There is no school on Friday, 9/28!

Hello! Welcome to Mrs. Birkhofer’s First Grade Team!



ELA:  Plural nouns

Math:  7.2 Less than


ELA:  Spelling word practice

Math:  7.3 Using symbols to compare


ELA:  Spelling words

Math:  7.4 Compare numbers

Read 20 minutes every night.  Use the book log to record the books read.