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My name is Brian Drummond. I am one of three custodians here at C.A.T.A. I first came to C.A.T.A. ready to both learn and pass along what I could bring to our table. Since then I have been taking out trash, cleaning bathrooms, painting walls, washing windows, and overall helping to provide a good environment. I have served seven plus years at C.A.T.A cleaning and aiding students and teachers through my role at C.A.T.A. I came to C.A.T.A. to make a living in a place where serving others had an aim toward holistic growth. C.A.T.A has been a good home toward my aim. Adults and students alike at C.A.T.A. learn and grow together. Education is the highly valued goal, but it is not limited to intellectual pursuit. Also, there is support towards growth at C.A.T. A on both an intellectual and emotional level. The core of C.A.T.A. fosters an atmosphere for wholeness beyond academic fundamentals. In the stress of the day to day challenges I have observed support over my seven plus years at C.A.T.A. I have witnessed students grow both in character and intellect. Because of the holistic efforts toward each person’s success. I personally observe daily, a great deal of uplifting words and actions towards betterment at C.A.T.A. I have witnessed through after school support with homework, and daily attention to fluctuating moods and behavior. Everyone supportive with smiles, hugs, phone calls home, and late evenings after all that to prepare for the next day. Therefore, I am happy to share in the efforts and spirit of our school. To sum up, I have written the acrostic poem below towards capturing the spirit at C.A.T.A.

Community matters and here you play a part. Aiming for true growth beyond measured smarts. Together wise because we have a plan. A pledge to learn from books and through kind hands.