Weekly ELA Homework Assignments

Weekly ELA Homework Assignments

  • Comprehension Reading worksheet can be part of the required “Book It” 20 minutes reading per night to complete the reading log. Students and Parent’s signature are required.

Due at the end of each month 11-30-2015


  • Students will be provided with a Daily Spelling/Vocabulary Activity (Monday-Thursday) and is due the following day. Friday 11-13-2015 Final Spelling Test


Working on the—Final-e (ai  ee  ai  oa)

dine              vote          paint      toast

cane              aim          creek

stove             gain         queen


favorite      television     thread     captain      speak

  • Monday 11-09-2015 “Anna’s Class Pet” by Anita N. Amin

          Due Tuesday 11-10-2015

  • Tuesday 11-10-2015 “Champ and His Wet Nose” by Lydia Lukidis

          Due Wednesday 11-11-2015

  • Wednesday 11-11-2015 “The Case of the Missing Fish” by Anita N. Amin

          Due Thursday 11-12-2015

  • Thursday 11-12-2015 “Where is Kitty” by Anita N. Amin

          Due Friday 11-13-2015

          ELA Trail Test

  • Friday 11-13-2015 Final Spelling Test

No Homework. Enjoy your Weekend!