Teacher Pages

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Ms. Andrick
Ms. Chery
Ms. Moore

1st Grade
Ms. Birkhofer
Mr. Knox

2nd Grade
Ms. Russell
Ms. Ansel
Ms. Smith

3rd Grade
Ms. Adams
Ms. Crumes
Ms. Ford

4th Grade
Mr. Lindsey
Mr. Jones

5th Grade
Ms. Dietsch
Ms. Woods

Middle School

6th Grade
Ms. Barrett
Mr. Nappier

7th Grade
Ms. Williams
Ms. Chaffin

8th Grade
Ms. Chambers
Mr. Carlton


High School

9th Grade
Mr. Pushea

10th Grade
Ms. Reckner

11th Grade
Ms. Heath-Thompson

12th Grade
Mr. Burgett

Geometry/Advanced Math
Ms. Merritt

Special Education

Special Subjects & Electives

ART & DRAWING – Mr. Simmons
LIFE SKILLS – Ms. Blackwell
PERCUSSION – Mr. Carlton
SPANISH – Mr. Gutierrez
Dance – Ms. Johnson
College Readiness – Ms. Street
Keyboarding/Writing – Ms. Chambers

Directors of Academics


Mr. Shelton, Head of School
Ms. Merritt, Director of Academics
Mr. Jacobs, Director of Academics
Mr. Heath, Title One Coordinator
Ms. Collins, Special Education Coordinator
Ms. Blackwell, Family Liaison
Ms. Street, School Counselor
Ms. Valiquette, Administrative Assistant/Human Resources
Ms. Jimerson, Administrative Assistant/Admissions