Ms. Woods



Trail test #3  11/21/2017

  If the student scores below a 80% they must have their parents signature on the test with the correction made on it as well by the next day.

,4th Grade Homework 11/13-11/ 17

11/13/17 no homework

11/14/17Vocabulary words are due by Thursday

11/15/17Complete the lesson 10 Activity packet (students will be bringing home a red social studies book )

11/16/17 Study for the trail test #3

 11/17/2017 No homework

5th grade Homework 11/13-11/17

11/13/17  No homework

11/14/17 Complete the practice Social Studies test question

11/15/17 No homework

11/16/17 study for the trail test # 3

11/17/17 No school

If you have any question please feel free to give me a call or text after school hours

Mrs. Woods

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