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You can access the Columbus Arts and Technology Academy Student Information System (SIS) PowerSchool reporting feature at This allows you to look at student grades, attendance, and more.

To create an account, please contact the office for your child’s access code, or look in your child’s most recent grade card envelope.


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From our Head of School

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year. Once again it is time to prepare for another school year. Please mark your calendars and plan for your child to be in attendance on the first day of school, which is August 3, 2016.  For our kindergarteners we will have a staggered start this year. Please see the attached calendar for the day that your kindergarten child will be in attendance. Keep in mind that they are here for only one day during the staggered start days.  The school year will be the same as last year. The doors will open to the students at 7:15, and students will be late if they arrive after 7:40. We encourage all students to arrive by 7:35 so they can receive breakfast, as students must make it to the breakfast prior to 7:40 if they wish to receive breakfast.

I want you to know that we are very honored for the opportunity to work with you and your child this year. With that said, the CATA staff is committed to working alongside you to ensure that your child receives a high quality education. To that end, I thank every parent for the support and guidance that you will provide your child towards reaching their full potential. I know it can be challenging to be a parent, and with the stringent guidelines of CATA, that challenge can become exasperating, however, the demands that we put on our children are there to promote excellence in them. So please accept my words of gratitude for your continued support as we strive to reach excellence in every one of our children. On that note, I am grateful, honored, and humbled that you chose CATA as your school of choice.

To provide quality and excellence, we ask that you assist us by ensuring that your child is in school on time every day, and that they attend school for the entire school day. As noted above, the doors opening at 7:15, and students are late if they arrive after 7:40. Dismissal takes place at 3:30, as this is a pivotal time of the day for making sure that we get students in the correct placing to make it home safely. Therefore, we must uphold the policy of not releasing students between 3:00 and 3:30 with fidelity. In the event that you have an appointment, an emergency, or you need to pick up your child from school early (for any reason at all), please make sure they are picked up prior to 3:00.

In that same vain, it is imperative that students are in the proper uniform starting day one, Students who are not in uniform will be asked to go home, and not return until he/she are in the proper uniform. It is also of vital importance that our children understand that disruptive behaviors will not be tolerated at any point. We are a school of choice, so everyone must understand that by choosing to attend CATA, the choice was made to follow the rules, and the policies of CATA. As our pledge reads:

 Because I am a Trailblazer,
I will always follow the path:
I will respect others, and I am worthy of respect.
I will treat people as I want to be treated.
I believe I can achieve success.
When I think big, I can do big;
For I am a Trailblazer.


For those who understand the expectations of CATA, they know that these are not just words. Our pledge is taken seriously, and we anticipate that every student, staff and parent of CATA will adhere to this pledge and to our policies with passion.

On a final note, the CATA staff and I, are fully dedicated and committed to providing a highly rigorous and challenging educational experience for our children. Once again, we have raised the bar, and nothing will stand in our way of providing an excellent education for every child we serve.



Derrick Shelton
Regional Vice President,
Head of School


 Additional Information for Parents

OhioPIRC – Parent Information and Resource Center wants to empower you to support your child’s learning. Learn about the resources offered by OhioPIRC to help you get the information, services and training you need to become more involved in your child’s academic success!

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